30 McLaughlin Road South, Brampton, Ontario

Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. was retained by 1435586 Ontario Limited to provide land use planning services in connection with the redevelopment of 30 McLaughlin Road South in the City of Brampton. The subject site measures approximately 1.85 acres in size. At present the site is occupied by a historic single family dwelling unit which is proposed to be preserved and refurbished for use as a private office. In addition, the portion of the site fronting onto Bufford Drive will be subdivided into 4 single family-detached lots. The portion of the site fronting onto McLaughlin Road will be developed for a 1½ storey commercial bank building. The overall composition is exciting on the account of the manner which the development manages to accommodate new buildings while preserving a valuable piece of Brampton’s history.


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