Airport Road and King Street, Caledon, Ontario

Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. was ‎retained by 2272375 Ontario Inc. and 2278828 Ontario Inc. to act as Project Planners and Project Managers in connection with the redevelopment of the lands located at 5992 King Street and 14100 Airport Road in the Sandhill Settlement Area, in the Town of Caledon.

Municipal land use approvals to permit highway commercial uses were successfully obtained in October 2014.  The Group is now in a position to implement the vision of creating a vibrant and compact redevelopment, centered on retail and service commercial uses intended to serve the residents of Sandhill and the travelling public. The redevelopment frames the northwest corner of the intersection which is a key location along two Regional arterial roads. 

An Application for Site Plan Approval is forthcoming. The effort associated with the processing of this Application will conclude with the release of stamp “Approved” plans which will be required to be filed in support of Building Permit Applications.


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