Michael Gagnon, B.E.S., M.C.I.P., R.P.P.

“Our planning vision is shaped in part by the goals and objectives of our clients. In this regard we strive to maintain at all times the principles of good planning. Our engagement usually begins with some level of dissatisfaction with the status quo, the desire to solve a problem or the desire to achieve ambitions and aspirations. Our 20 plus years of experience gives us the confidence to develop creative approaches and imaginative solutions.

We are committed to success and always strive for excellence.”


Michael Gagnon is the Managing Principal Planner of Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. A graduate of the School of Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo, Michael has over 25 years of diverse experience. Michael is a forward-thinking, passionate individual with a dynamic approach to Urban Planning and Project Management. He is also considered a visionary in his approach to defining goals and objectives. He is currently coordinating Municipal approvals in the North West Brampton Urban Boundary Expansion Area, an area comprised of more than 6,000 acres, one of the largest projects of its kind in North America.

Michael excels at conceptualizing and bringing projects to fruition. His versatile approach and commitment to good planning has earned him a reputation as a dependable and dedicated Urban Planner. Michael’s advocacy of good planning principles has also lead to dozens of retainers to act as an Expert Witness at the Ontario Municipal Board. Michael continuously lobbies for the best sustainable planning solutions on behalf of his clients.



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