A dedicated team of Planning and Design Professionals with over 30 years of successful consultation and management of the development approval process.

GWD Ltd. is a boutique Planning Firm comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated planning and design professionals that are equipped with the skills necessary to manage a wide range of planning and design projects. GWD provides land use planning and design consulting services to a broad and diverse client base, and has done so since 1990. Our clients include small to large builders, developers, public agencies, special interest groups, as well as professionals and private citizens.

We are committed to delivering technically sound, timely and feasible land use planning solutions. GWD’s team-oriented approach to the management of the development approvals process enables us to provide outstanding client service in a timely manner. Our services and opinions are practical, as opposed to theoretical, resulting in viable planning solutions. We have the experience, expertise and staff resources to complete both small and large scale assignments; ranging from infill developments to master planning.

We have extensive industry and government contacts which, when coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the municipal decision making process, are highly valuable in advancing our clients’ interests. We have a proven track record of delivering complex planning approvals and fiercely defending and pursuing our client’s goals and objectives, while adhering to a strict ethical code of conduct.

We have the ability to serve Clients located across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) as well as the remainder of Southern Ontario.


Michael Gagnon

Managing Principal Planner,
Founding Partner 

Andrew Walker

Principal Planner, Partner

Richard W. Domes

Principal Planner, Partner 

Lena Gagnon

Principal Administration & Finance, Founding Partner

GWD’s Principals understand the Planning Firm’s role and function as a professional services firm. Each of the Principals adhere to a strong belief in the tenants of leadership through service to our Clients’ needs and that of the communities we have the good fortune of working within. The Principals possess exemplary leadership and communication skills that allows them to effectively lead a strong team of Associate Planners and Designers, as well as our Clients’ other professional consultant team members. Each Principal’s wealth of experience gained through the Planning Firm’s current and past projects collectively enables them to administer a multi-faceted approach and educated rationalization towards the application of “good planning”, while maintaining a commitment to our Clients’ development vision and objectives.


GWD has a team of dedicated Associate Planners and Designers that work alongside the Planning Firm’s Principals. GWD’s Associate Planners and Designers have a wide range of skills and experience that are essential to the Planning Firm’s effective management of the planning and development approvals process. Our Associate Planners and Designers work diligently with GWD’s Principals at every step of the planning process; starting at the Preliminary Planning Investigation and Concept Development stage and continuing on to the detailed design and implementation stage. Collectively, GWD’s Associate Staff and Designers bring a diverse and exciting perspective to the Planning Firm.